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RETRACING STEPS  (3W, one-act) How much can one maid-of-honor lose (including the bride) after one crazy bachelorette party?

SAVED (1W 1M, ten minute one-act)  A chance meeting in the wee hours of the morning teach two university undergrads that being open-minded when it comes to other people can result in unexpected benefits.

PASSING THROUGH (1W 2M, ten minute one-act)  Life, and death, never seem to be as clear as we want them to be.

THE MAGIC FISHBONE (flexible casting, one-act) an interactive children’s theater piece based on the short story by Charles Dickens of the same name and subtitled “A Holiday Romance from the Pen of Miss Alice Rainbird Aged 7” After Princess Alicia finds a magic fishbone she learns the benefits of asking for help only “when we have tried very hard, and tried all ways” and “done our very very best”.

EVERYONE (flexible casting, full length) adapted from The Medieval Morality Play of EVERYMAN. This adaptation begins in the original text of the 15th century and moves forward in time with each episode. Employing changes in grammar, syntax and theatrical styles, the play arrives in its final moments in the 21st century.


CHASING THE RIVER  (4W 2M, full length)  Kat returns to the scene of the horrible crimes that changed the course of her life forever.  Reunions and revelations force her to face the truth about her past, and give her a chance to reclaim her future.